The Company

Paragon Hill Productions is a privately owned Los Angeles based company specializing in the creation of film, television, and internet video. It fills the growing need for low and micro budget films that deliver high production values and quality storytelling.

The company chooses projects that are born from a well developed and detailed narrative, allowing them to rise above their limited resources and become emotionally charged, thought provoking, and captivating entertainment.

Paragon Hill continually develops relationships with creative personnel in all aspects of film making. Bringing together top notch talent with emerging technologies and distribution platforms to deliver content to the independent film market.


Bradford Hill – Owner/Producer    imdb

Bradford Hill brings diverse experience and talent to Paragon Hill Productions. He graduated from the University of Southern California in Theatre and Cinematic Arts, having been recognized and awarded in both fields. Starting his career during high school, he brings over 10 years of experience in film and media creation with a resume that includes Walt Disney Studios, SlamBall, Common Ground Media, and several other entertainment companies.

Bradford began his own business after working in several departments, including editing, sound editing, cinematography, animation, and visual effects. He has produced several short films, commercials, and other media projects, while continuing to to pursue his acting career by lending his voice to several films.

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