In the future, resurrection has become reality for those who can afford the price of immortality. Today they die. Tomorrow they reawaken in a new body. Until one man is reborn before he has passed away. Now this redundant copy must fight for his own paradoxical survival before his creators can wipe him...

  • Director: Bradford Hill; Writer: Andrew M. Henderson
  • Status: Pre-Production
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AirSWAT: The Valiant Few

AirSWAT: The Valiant Few

What started as a group of friends playing with toy guns has grown into a hilarious, action packed feature film. AirSWAT: The Valiant Few follows a close knit team of hard core airsoft players as they face their past, their future, and their enemy on the field of battle. The bullets won’t kill,...

  • Writer / Producer: Bradford Hill, John Beaty
  • Status: Script Completed.
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